Privacy Policy

1. Identity and the contact detail of data controller

The controller of the collected personal data within General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is MTG GmbH (we, our APP and Moneual), Ludwig-Erhard-str. 1A, Eingang A 65760 Eschborn, Germany. Tel.: +49 (0)6196 773 0755, Fax.: +49 (0)6196 773 0754, E-mail:

Following Privacy Policy applies to our Application ‘Moneual Mbot’ and the users of our application to securely protect the personal data.

2. Collected Personal data

Personal data consists of various forms of information which can identify an individual’s identity. A list of collected personal data from users can be found below:

l Registration

ü E-mail address

ü Usernames

ü Passwords

We collect the mentioned personal data in order to successfully finish the registration process so that the user can use our service without any limitation. Moreover, by collecting and storing this data, we can protect user’s account and ensure the high level of security.

l User experience improvement plan

ü Network device address (MAC)

ü Software usage time and frequency

ü Application version number

ü Software crash log

ü Cleaning records (you may reveal your household plans in the cleaning records)

The above-mentioned personal data will be collected to count the number of users, find out the causes of collapse, and reduce the collapse.

l Others

ü WiFi username

ü Password

The above-mentioned personal data will be collected for distributing the network for the application.

3. Where will the collected personal data be stored?

All personal data which is mentioned above will be stored Alibaba cloud server. This cloud server is established in Germany.

4. How long will the collected personal data be lasted?

While using the APP, by your consent, the personal data will be securely stored in the cloud server. User can independently decide whether or not to delete their personal data by using the cancellation button on ‘My Account’ page.

If user does not use our application anymore and does not independently delete their personal data through the cancellation button, their personal data will be deleted automatically after 5 years from our cloud server.

Right of Data Subject

l Right to object

Individual has a right to object, on the reasons of his or her particular situation, at any time to process personal data. The controller should immediately stop to process the personal data unless the controller can prove that there are sufficient legal grounds for processing the individual’s personal data transparently, legitimately and while respecting the freedom of data subject.

l Right to rectification

Individual has a right to rectify the personal data when the data is needed to be corrected or completed. You should contact us via provided information above. We will correct the information without delay.

l Right to erasure

Individual has a right to ask to delete their personal information when the personal data is no longer needed in relation to the purposes that are stated above. If an individual revokes the consent and there is no other legal grounds for processing the data

l Right to restrict

Individual has a right to request a restriction of processing personal data if the accuracy of the personal data is questioned and the controller needs a period for examining the accuracy.

l Right to access

Individual has a right to ask a confirmation from the controller whether their data has been processed and if so, how and where the controller processes their personal data. They may ask purpose, storage period, type of data has been processed, and cross-border transfer.

1. Contact

If you have any questions about our Data Policy, please contact us via email provided: